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Why should champagne no longer be stored in the refrigerator?

Champagne is the star of many festive events. This French sparkling wine is made in the Champagne region, hence its name. To maintain its unique texture for longer, it is important to keep it in specific conditions of temperature, humidity and lighting. Follow our recommendations so that your champagne tasting lives up to all its promises!

Champagne has a long shelf life and can be kept for several years before it needs to be opened. But this duration may vary depending on the champagne you are going to store.

That’s why you no longer need to store champagne in the fridge.

champagne bottles

Bottles of champagne kept in the fridge – Source: spm

When buying a bottle of champagne, it is important to store it well so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. The bottle must be placed and stored in a place well protected from heat and natural light, so that the drink retains the quality and flavor for which it is so famous.

The mistake almost everyone makes

pour a glass of champagne

Pour champagne into a glass – Source: spm

The ideal temperature to store champagne would be around 10 degrees and, contrary to what you might think, it is not necessary to put the bottle in the fridge. Opening and closing of the door fridge can affect champagne bubbles. If you just bought champagne and plan to open it the same day, you can leave it in the refrigerator for up to two to three hours, so the flavor doesn’t change. Few people know that once the cork is removed, the champagne can oxidize and the aroma will no longer be the same.

The ideal way to preserve the quality and flavor of champagne is to place it in a bucket of ice for 30 minutes before serving. You don’t have to put the bottle in the fridge! Once you’ve properly stored the champagne, it’s ready to serve.

champagne glasses

Champagne glasses – Source: spm

If the champagne is very cold, always be careful when opening the bottle, since the cork could jump. Remove the foil and small metal wire from around the bottle and twist the cap off as slightly as possible. Also, it’s best not to break the champagne cork unless you want to.

The bubble drink is only served in certain glasses.

Another important point is to serve the champagne in specific glasses (often called flutes, goblets or tulips), since their shape allows the bubbles to be preserved for a long time. Also note that you don’t need to fill the entire glass, about a third is enough to keep the drink cold.

What to pair champagne with?

If you left the bottle open after pouring the champagne, don’t forget to cork it properly. This is another tip that many people forget. Champagne can be drunk as an aperitif with oysters, cheese or strawberries, but it also goes very well during a dinner with fish or meat.

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