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Trailer for Resident Evil, the new Netflix series

Wow we carry our we have raised to the advance of the series and it though the is going to sit the modern series format.

Without needing much more, we know that in resident Evil tender action, terror, zombies and mystery with an outstanding technical section that is far from that seen in Milla Jovovich’s films (whose tone was more than intention).

The adaptation of the Capcom video game shows us Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) trying to survive a disaster caused by Umbrella in 2036. Of course, she is the daughter of the mythical Albert Wesker, the main villain of the video game saga. As she investigates what she went through years ago to cause this disaster and what role her father played, she will search for her long-lost sister.

The series premiere of resident Evil It will take place on July 14.

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