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Top tips for picking up broken glass

Broken glass can cause damage. It is essential to collect everything well.

Top tips for picking up broken glass

Last update : August 06, 2022

Broken glass can be very dangerous. When glass breaks, it leaves behind small, hard-to-detect pieces that can end up digging into your skin. Picking up the glass is then a somewhat tedious task.

There are some very useful tricks to collect those bits of glass. Discover them all here, so you can put them into practice the next time an incident of this type occurs in your home.

Some tricks to clean pieces of broken glass

After collecting the larger pieces, we usually sweep the broom to remove the rest. Even so, there are usually leftovers in the corners or in places that are more difficult to access. It is these remains that can endanger our children or our pet animals.

Remove traces of broken glass with soft bread

Remove large chunks and sweep the floor. Then cut a slice of soft bread and lay flat on surface. Go over the entire floor as many times as necessary, the pieces will stick to the crumb. When you’re done, pour the bread into the trash can.

Scotch tape

pass the broom or theAspire, is not always enough. Another trick you can use is cut pieces of masking tape and stick them to the floor to collect the pieces that you can not see


A bar of soap works the same way as a slice of bread, but this trick is more expensive. You can also use a damp paper towel. Be careful not to let the broken glass go through the paper, it could cut you.

carpet cleaning

The first thing you should do is vacuum up as much as you can. If you can move the rug, take it out and shake it somewhere far away. If you can’t remove it, vacuum without losing patience.

The importance of glass recycling

When we talk about recycling, we always have to take into account “the three R’s”.

  • Reduction : It is very important to reduce our waste generally. Glass does not degrade, so it is preferable to plastic.
  • Re-use : Glass is a very hard material. We can reuse glass jars for different products and transform them into objects of decor.
  • Recycling : Materials at the end of their useful life reach factories, are destroyed and become useful products again.

From now on, you no longer have to worry about finding broken glass in your house. With these tips you will protect your family and your pets from possible cuts. Of course, remember to always notify the other members of the house that something has broken, so that they do not walk barefoot in that area for a while.

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