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Thousands of Women Take to US Streets to Defend Abortion Rights


Against the draft of the supreme


Under the slogan “Bans off our bodies”, more than 430 demonstrations, rallies and activities have been called throughout the country. If the Supreme draft is approved, 26 States would prohibit or close the right to abortion.

Euskaraz irakurri: Milaka emakume AEBko kaleetan, aborturako eskubidearen aldeko aldarrian

Thousands of women took to the streets of the main cities of the United States this Saturday to demonstrate in favor of legal abortion throughout the countryagainst the possibility that the Supreme Court will soon knock down constitutional protection of this right.

All eyes are on the highest judicial instance since a draft sentence was leaked two weeks ago in which the conservative majority of the court bowed to remove “Roe versus Wade”as the jurisprudence that since 1973 protects abortion throughout the country is known.

“It would be devastating and terrible if the text is approved,” Gabriela Benazar, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood, one of the organizations organizing the protests, told Efe.

Under the motto “Prohibitions of our bodies” (Without prohibitions of our bodies), they convened more than 430 demonstrations, concentrations and activities throughout the country.

One of the largest registered in New York, with thousands of people, mostly women, crossed the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to end up in Foley Square.

In the capital, the march was concentrated in kilometers of people who left the Washington obelisk in the direction of the headquarters of the Supreme Court, the focus of several protests in recent weeks.

“I have no respect for the members of the Supreme, its like the talibanGloria Black, a resident of the area who came to the scene told Efe because she considered that judges should not “dictate on morality. An election, not a decision of the State” or “Abortion is a human right.”

26 states would ban abortion

If the conservative majority of the court – six of the nine justices – were to strike down “Roe v. Wade”, abortion would not be prohibited in the country, but states have free rein to veto it.

The Planned Parenthood organization calculated that 26 states governed by Republicans, such as Texas, Arizona, Missouri or Georgia, would recommend or abolish it. By contrast, no change is expected in progressive states like California, New York or New Jersey.

Gabriela Benazar, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood, noted that this would “very disproportionately” affect women from Black, Latino, migrant, or low-income communities that they could not use other states to abort.

Also, consider that the Supreme Court’s draft “represents not only a threat to abortion rights in the United States, but possibly to other rights”, such as those of the LGBT community.

“Women’s rights are under attack,” the US vice president said on Twitter on Saturday.

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