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The musical of… Back to the Future!

Synchronize your watches! The most anticipated musical of the best possible movie arrives, even if it is not possible to see it across our borders.

the music of Return to the future It will be on Broadway in 2023. The official twitter account has confirmed it so that anyone can reserve tickets that are expected to sell out at the box office for months.

In the teaser we see Marty and Doc Brown inside the Delorean, ready for a new adventure and destination in space-time.

Of course, the musical is based on the 1985 film by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, with music and lyrics by Alan Silvesti and Glen Ballard and a screenplay by Bob Gale, adapted directly from the screenplay. Perfect? by Robert Zemeckis and Gale himself.

It goes without saying that our colleague Daniel Rengel dedicated a great pill about the script Return to the future and analyze if it really is one of the most perfect movies ever made. Do you agree? In fact, this podcast has surely been the trigger for them to finally launch the musical. We have no proof, but no doubt either.

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