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the hilarious Disney+ series with 10-minute episodes

After successes like ‘Gravity Falls’‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’ or ‘Owl House’, Disney our brings this hilarious animated series that is already in its third season.

‘amphibiland’ (‘Amphibia’ in its original version) is a series created by mate bralywho already has experience in the animated world having had in series like the aforementioned ‘Gravity Falls’, ‘Steven Universe’ or ‘The Greens in the big city’, in addition to films like ‘Turbo’ or ‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines’.


An isekai with frogs

Anne Boonchuy is a teenagerwithout eating or drinking appears in a mysterious world inhabited by talking amphibians. She soon becomes friends with Sprig Plantar, a friendly toad who, together with her sister Polly, a very savvy tadpole, and her grandfather, the doomsayer Papa Hop, takes Anne with open arms despite her misgivings. the amphibian restaurant But Anne didn’t get there alone: ​​her two friends have disappeared and she will have to look for them all over Amphibiland…

Based on this premise, Braly presents us with a story that has many points in common with the isekai. It has already published more than 100 episodes.

The strong point of the series is its simplicity and its dynamic rhythm. Being 10 minute episodes (with some exceptions), They are easily eaten and are perfect for any time of the day.. It combines an episodic structure, of self-exclusive chapters, with the background plot (that of the search for Anne’s friends) achieving a good balance between new plots and continuous plots, which are what make you not lose interest and want to know what it is. what will happen next.


Another remarkable aspect is his sense of humor, with which it is impossible not to smile and start more than one laugh. Deal with approachable humor for the young sector but so ingenious, with moments that sometimes border on the macabre that manages to surprise and shows that it is not necessary to be scatological or rude to reach the adult public.

The characters touch your heartwith their quirky personalities, their silliness, their blunders and their small advances, so they are not completely static but have the ability to evolve and learn new things.

‘Amphibiland’ is yet another example of what there is a lot of talent working on disney animation series, although it may not be enjoying the popularity it deserves. You can take a look at the first two seasons at Disney+ and catch up with the third, which is currently broadcast on Disney Channel.

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