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the DMK protest against the ban on their meeting by the government

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The Togolese government has once again banned an opposition rally, this time citing reasons “ sure against a demonstration scheduled for Saturday in Lomé, according to a statement by the Minister of Security, General Yark Damehame. The Monsignor Kpodzro Dynamics (DMK) – which brings together seven opposition political parties and six civil society organizations – convened this meeting to denounce in particular the high cost of living, bad governance and impunity.

With our correspondent in Lomé, Peter Sassou Dogbe

The government prohibited the meeting of the Dynamic Monsignor Kpodzro, scheduled for June 25 against all odds. The Dynamic Monsignor Kpodzro supported the candidacy of Gabriel Agbéyomé Kodjo and who continues to contest the results of the February 2020 presidential elections, draws the consequences of this ban on meetings and has no intention of giving up.

Brigitte Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnsoncoordinator of Monsignor Kpodzro Dynamics (DMK): “In this country we will soon be able to exercise our right to organize meetings, our right to organize marches or any form of activity to express our discontent. We have rescheduled the meeting for next Saturday, July 16, and it will still take place at Golfe 1, in Bè Kondjindji. We will never allow the right to organize political activities to be taken away from us. It feels like a banana republic and to think that our destiny is in the hands of this government, I assure you, that worries many Togolese. We no longer intend to let those who have imposed themselves at the head of this country continue to sleep peacefully, occupying themselves with nothing except diverting resources and making inappropriate decisions that only make the Togolese suffer.”

In a press release published on the evening of Wednesday June 22, General Damehame judged that ” organizing such a demonstration in a highly worrying current sub-regional and national security context (was) likely to compromise efforts to preserve public order and national security “.

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