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The drying machine there hair iron They have become essential accessories for those women who like to treat and care for their hair in a special way. However, the universe of women’s hair is so wide that there are other proposals to choose from, such as electric styling brushes.

They work with hot air that helps to dry the hair (although it is better to use a normal dryer first to reduce the humidity) and then comb and shape it as we like. The design of these models is similar and the usual thing is that, in addition to having a cold air button that fixes the hairstyle, it includes a speed selection switch and a temperature switch (however, some electric styling brushes combine these two controls in one). On the other hand, if the brush has an automatic rotating movement, it is much better than if you have to use it manually, especially if you are not used to using an accessory like this.

What electric styling brushes have we chosen?

The selected models are the following: Babyliss Beliss Big Hair 1000 (8.5), Bellissima Dry&Style System GH18 1100 (8), Remington Hydraluxe AS8901 (7.75)y Rowenta Virtuoso Brush Ultimate Experience (8.75). When analyzing and assessing each one, these are the aspects that have been taken into account:

  • Designer: How is the quality of construction of the product and the head (or heads) that it incorporates.
  • power: The higher the power, the higher the performance. How does each model take advantage of this value?
  • Number of heads: Ideally, the styling brush includes at least two, one for long hair and one for short hair. Some, however, add others such as a curling head
  • Experience: Does the brush fulfill its purpose? Does the hair look full and shiny? It is also important that they include a rotation function, because thanks to it it is much easier to manage and ‘tame’ the hair than if it has to be done manually, and how they deal with frizz

Comparative best electric styling brushes: this is how we have tested them

Throughout several sessions, each of these four proposals have been used with different hair (thick, fine, semi-curly, with bangs, short, long, shoulder-length hair…) to check its operation, if comply with what they promise and if its handling is comfortable and practical to achieve good results. Before each brush is used, the hair has been dried for a few minutes to remove most of the moisture and then a protector has been applied.

electric styling brush Rowenta Ultimate virtuoso brush experience is the winning model, although the restaurant of the participants during the tests have also provided quite good results. Rowenta’s proposal not only stands out for its design, ergonomics and finishes, but also for the results they offer: hence, your experience is the plus. Hair looks voluminous, shinier and hardly frizzy.

Rowenta electric styling brush Ultimate Virtuous Brush Experience: new choice

It has one of the most beautiful color combinations, and although its design is large (it measures 400 mm long), this does not prevent it from being handled comfortably, and the ergonomics and grip offered have been worked very well. The presentation of the box has also been taken care of in a special way and after opening it we find three brushes, each one with its protector in order to offer maximum durability and that the bristles do not occur if the shaping brush is not used.

Exchanging one for another is really simple because the manufacture has opted for a very effective ‘remove and put’ system. The smallest brush, 38 millimeters, is for short hair. Meanwhile, depending on whether our hair is thick and frizzy, or fine and flat, we’ll use one of the other two large 50mm brushes. This detail highlights its versatility when it comes to adapting to different hair lengths so that it can be combed well and without tangles as we gain volume.

Technical sheet

  • Functions: dry and shape.
  • Energy: 630-750W
  • Speed ​​and temperature settings: 3
  • Accessories: 50mm brush for thick and frizzy hair, another 50mm brush for fine hair without volume, and a 38mm brush for short hair and bangs.
  • Others: cold air blow, ceramic coating, natural bristles, automatic rotation, ion generator.

At the bottom is the control that accesses very intelligent programs that combine subsequent factors: heat and air speed: ‘Brightness and hold’ work at a low temperature, as well as the ‘Volume from the root’ mode, which also adds a high speed of rotation. The last program is ‘Silky soft hair’, which combines high temperature with low rotation speed.

  • The best: its design, comfort of use and results.
  • Worst: It is the least economical option, as there is no specific curling iron accessory.
  • Conclusions: The incorporation of the automatic rotation function makes this styling brush very comfortable to use, and with more than solvent results with the different types and lengths of hair. Its design, on the other hand, besides being very attractive is the best.

Babyliss electric styling brush Beliss big hair 1000: the alternative

In addition to a travel bag, it includes four interchangeable heads: one removes moisture from the hair, another straightens it (although its results are not comparable to those of a iron) and the rest -which are the ones that have been used the most- shape it. How are these two heads different? The largest is a 50-millimeter rotary head that is controlled by the two buttons on the top of the handle, which are kept pulsing all the time. Meanwhile, the small one (20 mm and fine spikes) is specifically for shaping the bangs and ends, as well as other short layers.

The experience is positive, although, and as has happened with the rest, it is advisable to be patient until you get the hang of it and achieve the expected results. Also, as the dimensions of the styling brush are not very big and the weight feels comfortable, it helps to handle it much easier. Added to this is a tangle-free swivel cord of just over two meters in length that ensures absolute freedom of movement. It puts out a power of 1,000 watts and, in addition to offering two temperature settings (one for fine hair and other horrible ones), it has a cold air function that fixes the pain for several hours. On the other hand, its ionic technology considerably reduces frizz so that hair looks more beautiful.

Bellissima electric styling brush Dry&Style system GH18 1100: best value for money

Equipped with a swivel cord (like the rest) and with a power of 1,000 watts, the cheapest alternative of this selection includes five accessories: a concentrator that removes moisture from the hair (in the tests we preferred to use a normal dryer); a rectangular flat brush to unclog; a 32-millimeter round brush that comes in handy for shaping ends and creating soft waves; another 50-millimeter round one that works quite well against the different types of hair (wavy, thick, fine…); and a 19mm curling iron that will be put to good use on all users with long, hideous hair. Of course, neither the round brushes nor the curling iron offer an automatic rotation system.

In general, its results do not disappoint, especially if you take into account the price range in which it operates. However, when comparing results, other models make fine hair look more body and volume. On the other hand, it is important to highlight its ceramic coating thanks to which the hair gains in luminosity and ‘suffers’ less when it comes into contact with hot air.

Along with the cold air button that fixes the hairstyle, it incorporates two positions that regulate the flow of air and temperature expelled: one combines a medium airflow and medium temperature for fine hair, and the other a stronger airflow and temperature high for thick hair

Remington Electric Styling Brush hydraluxe

Together with the Bellisima styling brush, it is the most economical option, but its power (1,200 watts) is the highest, thus showing that its capacity to generate air and heat through its internal flows is superior.

It comes with a head with only mixed bristles that, due to its design and characteristics, is especially suitable for those users with a lot of hair. This head actually incorporated a ceramic-coated cylinder that quickly removed moisture from the hair and a little conditioner that added sobriety to greater softness. Meanwhile, its ionic conditioner significantly reduces staining and its results are reminiscent of those of the Bellisima styling brush. The only ‘but’ (as with its opposite) is that this head does not automatically rotate. As the entire process is manual, at first it is especially difficult to comb the ends (both outside and inside) if you are not skilled.

The materials chosen for its manufacture are good, the grip already has good impressions and the side grilles located in the lower part prevent excessive overheating. It incorporates two switches: one allows you to choose between a low or high speed, and the other is for the temperature (the highest is for thick hair, the so-called ‘Hydrocare’ for fine, bleached or damaged hair, and the ‘Cold’ option hairstyle after finishing).

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of August 7, 2022.

[Recuerda que si eres usuario de Amazon Prime, todas las compras tienen gastos de envío gratuitos. Amazon ofrece un período de prueba gratuito y sin compromiso durante 30 días.]

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