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Star Wars has a problem with its past and its series for Disney + are showing it – News series

Neither ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ nor ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ have worked as hard as they haven’t, having several of the most mythical characters in the galactic saga. His future should still go through getting away from them.

The situation is alarming, but it is worrying. Lucasfilms remains irregular when it comes to expanding the universe of Star Wars since they received the Disney mandate after their purchase. The movies, including the sequel trilogy, ha gone oscillating between enthusiasm, controversy and, worse yet, indifference. the output of the mandalorian it seemed that he was going to change that trend and that his future could be on television.

But for now, the series Disney+ They have maintained the irregularity, and have failed to be the great events that they promised to be by having some of the most recognizable characters in the galactic saga on their hands. so much boba fett book What Obi Wan Kenobi have ended with bittersweet feelings, to say the least, and They show the problem that Star Wars has with its own past.

Obi-Wan’s case is the one that should be the most worrying. the regret of Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen again as Darth Vader, the opportunity to see a young Luke and Leia and the exploration of one of the most beloved characters in the franchise. However, he has been left with the feeling that he has been left halfway with everything, and that has never delivered that episode or that series of moments that audiences are passionate about. thing that didn’t happen with the mandalorianthat practically the same day of broadcasting of new episodes will already use people sharing gifs and memes at close range.

The dirty memes of Obi Wan KenobiUnfortunately, they have been to point out several of its execution problems. The series has never been able to find an interesting tone, be it pure adventure or psychological exploration of its protagonist’s sense of defeat. He wanted to have a bit of everything, but has stayed in no man’s land since it has not managed to accompany it with a decent staging (something that has always had Star Warsthere too the mandalorian) or unravel the story in a way that doesn’t feel like its six episodes are necessary lengthening.

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’: Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen talk about a possible season 2

Beyond some notable duel, the recovery of past characters is left in a somewhat insubstantial parade of relics. Perhaps exciting for the most passionate fans who love to recognize the lore shown on the screen, but insufficient for the rest of the viewers. A problem in which he has also fallen boba fett bookwhich has resulted in a lethargic series most of the time.

Of course, this series benefited greatly from ditching its main storyline and returning season 2.5 of the mandalorian. That remarkable episode 5, directed by bryce dallas howard, showed how perfectly shot the tone of said series is, how fresh it feels and how interesting its protagonist is. And part of that is due to the feeling that the series of Jon Favreau no this as tied hand and foot as the series that pull elements from the past.

‘Obi Wan Kenobi’: the good, the regular and the weak of the new ‘Star Wars’ series

By having new characters, who did not appear in previous films, the mandalorian it can allow itself to explore new territories, expand the possibilities of this galaxy far, far away, while keeping the intrigue of what might happen to them sober. There is not too much intrigue with Obi-Wan or Darth Vader because we know what fate awaits themand when the series tried to sell you a sense of danger, it felt very artificial.

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The only way these series would have been interesting would have been to pay less attention to filling in gaps in the lore and seek a psychological exploration of these characters, since we end up with the feeling that we have not discovered much more of them. If Lucasfilms can’t find a way to capitalize on these great characters, its future trajectory should move as far away from them as possible.

It is not strange that Taika Waititi has publicly said that his movie will not have old charactersbut it will be a completely new story within the universe Star Wars. She knows that she has less to lose if she works with new faces. The series could also do better with exploring corners far removed from the Skywalkers.

the future series the acolytethat will not connect directly with the main saga either, it can be an interesting opportunity for Lucasfilm, in addition to the series of Ahsoka being a relatively new character for those who have not touched the Star Wars animated. sea ​​like sea, the franchise must make sudden decisions sober the course to take.

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