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Special S05E33 – Filmin synopsis editor interview. How is a movie sold? (+DRAW)

The talk we had with Elodie Mellado is nothing less than a special podcast for you to fully enjoy the interview.

What exactly is the description of a movie from a streaming platform like filming? Are there algorithms or are there people looking for the right words to generate our interest? Are they trying to appeal to the savvy fan or the casual viewer? francisco javier santiago there Samuel Ubeda have wanted to investigate this as an interesting one like the synopses of movies on digital platforms, and that is why they have interviewed Elodie Mellado, coordinator of the editorial department and one of Filmin’s programmers, to answer questions that delve into in the psyche of living organisms behind our televisions. Will he give the long-awaited “click”?

This is the full interview whose excerpt is included in the previous podcast as a tasting. Tell us now: What is your definitive hook when it comes to pressing play on a movie?

Finally, the big surprise: this podcast comes with a raffle, we give away a basic subscription for one month in filming. If you want to participate it is very easy: follow the instructions that we indicate in the podcast (enter our iVoox, like the episode, comment on it and subscribe to our program) and you will enter the draw that we will make. You have from June 27 to July 10 to participate. Of course!

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