Solana partners with Osom to launch a crypto-based smartphone called Saga.

Solana Mobile, a subsidiary of Solana LaboratoriesI threw it “saga”a flagship Android phone with unique functions and capabilities further integrated into the Solana blockchain. He earns more easy and secure the trading and management of digital assets and NFT. In parallel, thehe company has also launched a new subsidiary dedicated to mobile applications Web3 appealed Solana-Mobile.

The Android phone focused on web3 Saga Solana.

Solana, the most successful blockchain, was introduced in the telecommunications industry after the launch of Android phones. At an event in New York, the CEO and co-founder of Solana Laboratories, Anatolia Yakovenkoto unveil a new Android phone called “Saga”. It was produced in collaboration with osome.

The team behind Solana aims to focus Saga on Web3which includes the emerging fields that left them NFT and decentralized exchanges. The main characteristics your Android phone includes:

  • a 6.6-inch screen
  • 512 GB of storage
  • private key security.

Yakovenko I declared: “Nearly 7 billion people use smartphones worldwide and more than 100 million people own digital assets – and both numbers will continue to grow. saga set a new standard for the experience Web3 moving south.

Additionally, pre-orders for Saga necessary a $100 gift fully refundable. This deposit will be applied to final price estimated at $1,000. Plus, they’ll be pre-ordered books early 2023 with a free Saga Pass, a NFT which accompanies the first batch of Saga outfits and the first SMS platform influencer orientation ticket.

Bonus: mining company Bitfarms plans to improve its liquidity by selling 3,000 BTC of its holdings.

An overview of the new subsidiary dedicated to Web3Solana Mobile.

In addition, the new optimized affiliation on the Web3, Solana Mobile will build Saga and offer to develop a toolkit to first create mobile applications on its blockchain. outraged, solarium Laboratories $10 million for a new ecosystem fund. This fund aims to help developers build apps using Solana Mobile Battery.

The announcement states that the Solana Mobile stack: “provides a new set of the Libraries for wallets and apps, allowing developers to build rich mobile experiences on Solana”.

Indeed, Solana is making big plans to strengthen its position in the cryptocurrency market these days. However, the network also had to deal with a number of technological difficulties, such as several network outages.

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