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Scott Derrickson talks about the black phone

Scott Derrickson is quite a voice in the world of horror. He created the first moody Sinisterand even added a bit of the horror genre to the MCU with doctor strange. However, the latter may be the best. the black phone is a terrifying but surprisingly good horror movie that brilliantly balances scares with heart. The film stars Ethan Hawke in a more than disturbing performance as a man known as “The Grabber.” It also has two excellent young talents, Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw, who give the film their soul. Based on the work of Joe Hill, this mix of real-life horror and a touch of the supernatural is an impressive piece of work. And yes, so far it is one of the best movies of the year.

I love talking to Scott Derrickson. The man is friendly and has incredible knowledge about the world of horror. One of the scariest elements of the film is the reality of the situation explored. Mr. Derrickson discussed the element of truth in the film, as well as working with the incredible Ethan Hawke again. Both the filmmaker and the actor form a perfect couple again. the black phone it works because it’s not based on jump scares or shock. It’s a character-driven piece that’s one of the smartest, most engaging examples of the genre I’ve seen in years. This one is worth seeing on the big screen with an audience ready to be scared in the dark of cinema. Verify the black phone only in theaters this friday.

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