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Sam Raimi and Darkman 2

The return of Sam Raimi to the field of superheroes could not stay in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Apparently Universal is interested in resurrecting one of those titles that have just become a central icon of film superheroes: Darkman. The film starring Liam Neeson in 1990 could have a sequel, and the producer seems to be in talks with Raimi himself to take over. The film was not exactly a box office success, and even gave rise to a couple of sequels that went directly to the shelves of video stores, something that has been enough to forge its legend. Raimi has spoken precisely of the interest and the proposal of Universal, something that he is delighted with, but the big question is: will Liam Neeson be willing to return?

At the moment little else is known, although we will be attentive to any possible news of a sequel to Darkman.

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