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Quiet in Abu Dhabi

King Juan Carlos is further away from Spain every day. In order to speed up new trips, his stay in Sanxenxo (Pontevedra) last May, it was a step back. Resident in Abu Dhabi, the King’s father planned to travel regularly to Spain until, in the near future, he will definitely return. He now he touches him he will replant the strata with a single and immovable condition: non-interference in the normal functioning of the Corona.

Two years after his departure, on August 3, 2020, the former head of state is aware that his trips to Spain must be designed with the greatest skill than the only one he has carried out so far. The expectation created around his stay in Galicia to attend, between May 19 and 22, the development of some regattas and his subsequent stay, on the 23rd, of about ten hours, in Zarzuela multiplies the effect of the trip and what had to be a temporary, private and discreet return, turned into an event that bothered Moncloa and bothered Zarzuela.

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LV_The king emeritus sails on the Bribon waiting for the regatta to resume

The stay last May in Sanxenxo has removed the possibility of a future return

Since, at the beginning of March, the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office filed the cases of misconduct against King Juan Carlos for alleged tax irregularities, nothing prevented his return. In fact, there was never a formal ban and his departure, two years ago, was planted as a way to get away from the limelight to give King Felipe and the Crown a break, punctuated by the constant trickle of information, some more plausible than true. , which linked King Juan Carlos with opaque companies and tax evasion. The months went by and new information appeared coinciding, casually or intentionally, with all the threats of return that the now called emeritus was filtering through people around him to prepare the ground. This circle of trust not only did not help the return, but also, at times, entangled the entire negotiation between Abu Dhabi and Madrid. After the fiasco of the last and only trip and the conversation held in the Zarzuela between the King and his father, these interferences seem to have been deactivated, King Juan Carlos aware that more than a help they were a burden.

Before planning other trips, King Juan Carlos must find a place to reside, even during the days he can spend in Spain. He himself resigned, in the letter of March 5 in which he communicated that he was establishing his residence in Abu Dhabi, to the Zarzuela by assuring that he would not use publicly owned facilities during his stays in Spain, but, for now, there is no alternative, beyond the houses that some friends have offered him.

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Juan Carlos Merino

CUENCA, 05/20/2022.- The Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, attends the media with the motivation of the meeting of the Government delegates in the autonomous communities and cities with autonomy statute, this Friday at the Parador Nacional de Cuenca.  EFE / José Del Olmo

Upon his return to the capital of the Emirates, after the trip to Sanxenxo and Madrid, King Juan Carlos spent a few days in which he did not want to speak to anyone. Aware of the disaster of his stay, the joy for the ephemeral turns to sadness again. These days, in which he is, due to the high temperatures, away from his habitual residence in Abu Dhabi, which, contrary to what has been published by some media, is not located on the artificial island of Nurai, but on the mainland, King John Carlos continues with his routine, encouraged by the visit of some family and friends. The hope is that one day, without warning, he can return without anyone calling him out.

Around with the swearing of Leonor

It is more than a year before Princess Leonor turns 18, but the ceremony in which she will have to swear the Constitution in a solemn session of the plenary session of the Cortes has crept into the political debate. In the last week, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has referred again to his question to be questioned about a possible electoral advance. The heir to the throne will be of legal age as of October 31, 2023 and, in accordance with article 62.2 of the Constitution, she could already be proclaimed queen after swearing the Magna Carta. The date is in the middle of the pre-election period but, in no case, does it condition it despite the doubts that have been raised from the surroundings of La Moncloa. The key to the matter is that the act can pay affected only if there is an electoral advance and the consequent dissolution of the Cortes. If Sánchez exhausts the legislature, which ends on November 10, 2023, the electoral law does not require the Parliament to be dissolved and Leonor could swear in on October 31 in a solemn session of the Cortes. The elections will be on December 10, 2023.

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