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Podcast S05E31 Special 300 (in collaboration with Mario Agudo)

They have the audacity to come to our house, ask us for land and water and threaten our canons, so we are forced to make a special podcast with a guest of absolute luxury.

Get ready, tonight we have dinner in hell! 300, Snyder’s epic, had to appear in these parts sooner or later, and so it has done, stomping, with a spear in one hand and a hoplon in the other. Preparations for an in-depth meal of the film, its context, the time it narrates, its legacy and influence, and the creators of the work: Zack Snyder and Frank Miller.

To give the historical framework, Daniel Rengel, francisco javier santiago, Samuel Ubeda there Javier Munoz be accompanied by an expert in the field, Mario SharpDirector of Greek Legacyjournalist, disseminator and passionate about the Macedonian times, who are our partners in the program dedicated to Alexander the Great, by Oliver Stone. Shout with us! What is your trade!? OW OW OW!

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