Netflix with ads will be ‘better than TV’, Netflix promises

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos gave some news on Netflix’s “cheaper” future. He dreams of reinventing advertising.

Speaking at Cannes as part of the international festival of creativity (Cannes Lions Festival), Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, answer many questions about the health of the streaming service on June 23, 2022. In after difficulty the drop in the name of sons of subscribers, Netflix is ​​preparing the sites to come back in force. If Ted Sarandos refutes the idea of ​​creating a company that makes hardware (like Roku, for Netflix TVs), he’ll send an advance launch of the “announced” version of Netflix, which would be more than that. . I project seems well advanced.

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Sex Education on Netflix // Source: © 2020 Netflix, Inc./Sam Taylor

Not classic advertising

“We want a fairly easy market entry — but, again, we’re going to build and iterate.“Historically, the Cannes Lions festival is always very publicity. It is therefore the ideal place to test the projects of the streaming giant, which says it does not want to advertise like the others. “What we do at the start will not be representative of what the product will be in the end. I want more product to be better than TV,” explained Ted Sarandos.

Initially, therefore, probably by the end of the year, this formula financed by advertising should add old-fashioned advertising breaks, probably before the programs. Comcast, NBC and Google will serve as advertising plans for Netflix. Next, Netflix says it plans to launch its own advertising division. He wants to produce them himself, to offer content “more integrated and less intrusive”. How to interpret this sentence? We can imagine that the pubs were adapted to the programs you are watching, so as not to give you the impression of completely breaking the mood.

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Ted Sarandos also responded to the controversial over Dave Chappelle’s transphobic jokes. // Source: Netflix

After its creation, Netflix is ​​a staunch opponent of advertising. After promising again in 2019 that I advertised and would never land on his platform, The company will change reviews in 2022 after signing up for the first of the subscriptions. The “streaming service war”, which has seen the arrival of newcomers such as Disney+, HBO Max or Paramount+, is forcing Netflix to review its strategy. These services are less expensive, can afford to be less profitable, and generally rely on advertising to cut prices. Netflix also says it matters chase account sharingwhich could be tricky.

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