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Kit Harington will play Jon Snow in a new series for HBO

We return to the world created by George RR Martin in Game of Thrones to see Jon Snow again in the events after the end of the series.

Outside the world he knows and exiled from Westeros, he travels with the wildlings into territories uncharted by himself and perhaps known man.

This could be the first real Game of Thrones sequel in development, since everything proposed until now were prequels (The House of the Dragon). Still, there is only one project profile and Kit Harington more than agrees. Everything looks like it will be a reality for HBO and we will tend to Jon Snow much more although we have to wait a long time to see it.

In August we will have La Casa del Dragón and surely its good reception will push this project and others to come from the world of George RR Martin onto the small screen.

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