iOS 16 beta 2 will return changed iMessages to iPhone users on older software

iOS 16 brings several new features, and you can already try the new iPhone operating system, as long as you have access to a developer account. iOS 16 beta 2 arrived a few weeks later beta 1. You will get the update seamlessly if you are running the first version of iOS 16. As usual with new beta versions of iOS, the update brings several fixes and improvements. One of the things that iOS 16 beta 2 fixes is modded iMessages.

Specifically, iOS 16 beta 2 will now return modified iMessages to iPhone users on older software. This means iOS 15 and above.

How to edit a message in iOS 16

iMessage is one of the mainstays of iOS, a standout iPhone feature that Google has taken years to replicate. iOS 16 brings a few long-awaited features to the Messages app that relate to iMessages, or blue bubbles.

You can now edit an iMessage and even delete it (unsend) if you accidentally texted the wrong person or group. We have already explained How it worksand everything is very simple.

Simply press and hold the iMessage you want to edit to get new software menus. iOS 16 lets you edit or unsend the iMessage up to 15 minutes after the original was sent.

The operating system also wants to notify users of an iMessage conversation that a message has been modified or not sent. However, since iOS 16 beta 1, we’ve learned that iMessage’s editing features only work if all participants are using the latest software.

People running older versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS will still see the original unmodified texts, including the iMessages you wanted to delete.

Apple is aware of the problem and is starting to fix it with iOS 16 beta 2.

iMessags will show an Unsend button on iPhones running iOS 16.
iMessags will display an Unsend button on iPhones running iOS 16. Image source: Apple Inc.

New iOS 16 beta 2 behavior for modded iMessages

Most people will probably update to iOS 16 in September when the final version is released. But not everyone updates at the same time. And there will be devices that will be stuck on iOS 15 in September. iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models do not receive the iOS 16 upgrade.

Moreover, you also need to update iPads and Macs to the latest versions of iOS and macOS to enjoy the new editing features of iMessage.

That said, iOS 16 beta 2 already repaired iMessage editing behavior on older devices.

When an iPhone user edits an iMessage sent via iOS 16 beta 2, recipients receive a new version of the message with an “Edited for” label. This means that iPhone users on iOS 15 or earlier will have two similar iMessages in the conversation. The original version and the modified version.

Chats between iOS 16 devices will only show the changed iMessage, as the feature is supposed to work.

While iSO 16 beta 2 fixes the modified iMessages issue, there is no workaround for deleting the messages. As we explained, older versions of the software will still see the iMessage that a sender wanted to delete. It’s unclear how Apple will address the issue. iMessage’s do-not-send feature has already caused some controversy regarding abuse victims.

Some think that some iPhone users may abuse edit/cancel send functionality. Therefore, iMessage should provide a history of modified and deleted messages to provide to victims.

Maybe Apple will mark deleted iMessages on older devices, but that’s just speculation. At the moment, iOS 16 beta 2 only fixes the behavior of changed iMessages on older OS versions.

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