crashes, speed cameras, detentions and more

Every day, many trips are made by road, whether to get to work or for pure leisure. When the weekend or the holidays arrive, these trips multiply, and that is why it is interesting to know road condition. Avoid going through where there is an accident or see control cameras to see if there is traffic. All this must always be mastered, and this can be done by the site created by the DGT to ensure mobility.

Many events of interest to any type of driver can be found on the road, such as a traffic jam, the presence of a collision or even restrictions on the passage of specific vehicles. All this information must always be taken into account to avoid going through these roads and find an alternate route.

A website that will inform any driver

To be able to explore it, you will have to access the map via the DGT website. At first glance, it may seem to have a bit of an old-fashioned design, but the important thing is that it is fully functional. Stay up to date around the clock because it is directly linked to the Civil Guard and the local police. This way, when these agencies report that there is a collision or a detention presence, it will automatically appear on this map.

map direction

From a distance, different icons appear on the map that symbolize events on the road. For example, the icon of two consecutive cars means that there is a retentionand when the car is turned, it means the presence of a accident. Also, when you click on each of these icons, you will see information about it such as the description and the specific kilometers involved.

If the map is enlarged, it will be possible to view the routes with details. Thanks to a color legend, it will be quickly displayed if the the circulation is fluid (green) or if there is a retention (yellow/red). This is definitely a good way to plan ahead, if where you are going to end up passing you will find a large line of vehicles which may delay your arrival at your destination.


But if you want a lot more data, you can keep zooming in on the area you’re most interested in, like a city. In this case, several icons will appear to indicate the speed cameras active at that time with the measuring direction and concrete kilometer. But in addition, you will also be able to access the images captured by the traffic cameras in real time and received by the DGT. This is something important, because if you don’t know if the specific card has smooth or held traffic, in the end you will see it with your own eyes.

Likewise, on the left side, you will have access to all this information in a clear way. Incidents will disappear updated based on the area you are viewing. This is also in addition to the ability to see forecasts of works that may be given, or road closures.

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