Codemasters explains how F1 22 cars look like the real thing

EA’s Codemasters Done F1 2022 more realistic audio with improved driver modes and updates that make the car’s broadcast and sounds more authentic, he revealed in his latest In-depth developer analysis video. It also unveiled its first licensed soundtrack featuring 33 songs from artists like Charli XCX, Hozier and Marshmellow.

This year Formula 1 introduced all new cars that rely on tunnels in the ground to generate downforce and enable tighter racing, along with all new engines and more. F1 2022 is above these changes not only with the physical and visual but also sounds. To that end, the game has introduced brand new engine packs based on real vehicle sounds to make you feel like you’re sitting in real Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and other Formula 1 vehicles.

“In a game like F1 22 the cars are the star, so we want them to sound as authentic as possible. We record the real cars every season and it’s important that we recreate the authenticity of the engines,” said audio director Brad Porter. “The players use engine sound to drive the car, so it’s important to convey that too. precisely as possible. ”

It also includes touches like recording audio using the real team race engineer helmets and simulating how things would sound for a rider inside a helmet. The developers also used microphones very similar to those used by announcers in order to accurately simulate the broadcast audio.

This allowed the team to improve the various sound modes available, including Driver mode and Broadcast mode. The latter mode is designed to sound as close as possible to what you hear here on TV, Porter explained. It also improved the cinematic mode to make it “larger than life” with “tailor-made” touches like improved engine sounds, crowd noises and more. They also added new settings to allow players to play with the sound mix more than ever.

Other new features include the addition of Natalie Pinkham as co-commentator, new recordings from all announcers and authentic pit lane, garage and paddock sounds. Another big change is the addition of licensed music like you’ll find in other EA games, allowing players to choose between 33 songs from artists ranging from Charli XCX at Deadmaus at Diplo. “This is an accelerated soundtrack experience, designed to tether the player in the cockpit and driven by the unparalleled energy of the new era of Formula 1,” the development team said.

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