Clermont-PSG (0-5): “When Messi smiles, the team smiles too”, jubilant Christophe Galtier

Satisfied of course. It is with a sense of accomplishment that Christophe Galtier presented himself at a press conference. after PSG’s 5-0 win at Clermontfor the first day of Ligue 1.

The team maintained a great intensity from start to finish, without slowing down. Isn’t that the great satisfaction of the afternoon?

CRISTOBAL GALTIER. Of course, that’s part of the satisfaction. We are delighted with the way we kept a high pace, we put intensity to recover the ball, there were many reactions to the loss, I insist on that, I talk about it a lot with my players. Both last week against Nantes and tonight are very good. But there is only one game left.

We have a feeling that the players are having fun, do you think so too?

Soccer is a game and when you play you have to have fun. But the pleasure can only be present if everyone plays in unison and makes the effort for each other. The technical sequences are very good, although we had a bit of waste at times. There is this desire to work together. There are crucial moments in a game when we have to show that we are there, present, and that we are not loitering. We still have to work on it, develop it and take it into account so as not to have any problems depending on the match and the situations.

Is that Messi the one you want to see?

I spoke with Leo during our stay in Japan. I talked to our offensive sector to make sure they can perform all the time. Leo has a very sharp tactical sense, very clear, he quickly sees where he has to go. The way he defends, the way he positions himself to play against each other…he’s in a zone that he likes, he likes to play with the players around him, and when Leo smiles, obviously the team smile too.

He always manages to find a magical gesture like in the 5th goal, were you surprised?

Surprised, no, but I enjoyed the goal. Leo, you know, he’s been playing at a very high level for 17 years. He had a difficult season and had to acclimatise. But, every season before this, it was at least 30 goals. Since he has made a complete preparation, that he has his guidance at the family level, but also at the club and his partners, there is no reason why he should not have a great season. When he teams up with Kylian, he will have even more offensive power. That’s why I have to find the best balance, the best formula, so that all these offensive forces are effective for the duration of a match.

Will the group reduction that followed with the absences of Idrissa Gueye and Mauro Icardi continue?

There is what allows us to do labor and League law during this period. We can split the group in two if we feel the need. We will do it until the end of the transfer window. The players know the situation, they are professional players, you have to respect them. It is not easy for them, we will see if they manage to find a project that suits them or if they want to stay.

Did a player like Pablo Sarabia convince you?

Pablo played a lot. With the suspension of Kylian (Mbappé) and his muscular discomfort today, he had a lot of playing time to find the best animation in attack. He is an important player who strikes the right balance. I am very happy with what he has been doing since the 4th of July.

How is Kylian Mbappé?

After the last session, he consulted the medical staff. She had a little alert in her adductors, she has nothing wrong but we didn’t want to take any chances. I think Kylian will be present against Montpellier.

And Sergio Ramos, how is he?

He’s fine, he’s had some muscle aches. We talked about it at the break and we agreed that he would not play the whole game.

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