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China announces sanctions on Nancy Pelosi and stops cooperation with the US – Asia – International

China raised this Friday the level of its reprisals for the visit of Nancy Pelosi has Taiwan with actions that include the suspension of cooperation mechanisms with Washington and sanctions against the President of the Legislative State of the United States, which resulted in a decline in relations between the countries.

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Two days after the controversial trip of the veteran politician, Beijing announced eight measures, including the suspension of cooperation in judicial matters, the repatriation of illegal immigrants, criminal judicial assistance and the fight against transnational crimes.

The country also suspended all cooperation with the United States in combating climate change.It weighs that the backs of the most polluting nations in the world are committed and last year to work together to meet regularly to “address the climate crisis.”

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A decision that was described by the White House as “absolutely irresponsible””. “China is not only punishing the US, but the entire world,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby reacted on Friday.

Likewise, Beijing canceled the meetings between the leaders of the military commands and the working meetings between the defense portfolios of both powers, as well as those of the Military Maritime Security Consultation Mechanism.

(The interested person: ‘Those who offend China should be punished,’ Foreign Minister Wang Yi said)

China sent warplanes around Taiwan;  the missiles beat the area

Missing missile by China around Taiwan.



These cancellations assume that there is already a mechanism of trust between the armed forces of both superpowers at a time and that the levels of tension in the Taiwan Strait are at a level not seen since the 1990s.

The Asian country made this decision public this Friday just an hour after imposing sanctions on Pelosi and her direct relatives for “ignoring China’s concern and firm opposition” to her trip and for “undermining sovereignty and territorial integrity.” of the Asian country.

The measures include a ban on entry to China for Pelosi and her associates, without further details at the moment.

In addition to political means, Beijing proceeded with the mobilization of planes and fighter planes, in the largest military drill in its history around Taiwan.

According to Taipei, 68 fighter planes and 13 military ships that crossed this Friday the so-called “middle line” of the strait that separated the island from mainland China, an unofficial but generally accepted coordinate, halfway between the coasts of Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese.

The drills included a “conventional weapons attack” on the eastern coast of Taiwan, the Chinese military said.

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The US response

In response, the White House summoned the Chinese ambassador to Washington on Friday. “We have condemned China’s military operations, which are irresponsible and contrary to the long-standing goal of maintaining peace and stability in eastern Taiwan,” executive spokesman John Kirby confirmed.

John Kirby

John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council.

The head of Chinese diplomacy, Wang Yi, responded by accusing the United States of having “a habit of creating a problem and then using this problem to achieve its fines.” “This approach will not work with China,” they observed.

The United States also asked Beijing to end its military exercises. “The Chinese can do a lot to de-escalate tensions by ceasing their provocative military exercises and toning down,” Kirby said, adding that he still keeps open lines of communication with China weighing on the crisis.

*Confirmation of AFP and EFE

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