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Antonio Mingorance, elected president of Bidafarma for the members of the cooperative

The partners of the pharmaceutical distribution cooperative Bidafarma have elected Antonio Mingorance as the new president, after the Assembly held on June 22 in Seville.

The renewal of the positions of the Governing Council, with Mingorance at the head, has been the result of the presentation to the electoral process of a consensus list, which has obtained the support of more than 8,000 pharmaceutical partners of this national cooperative.

The cooperative previously presented the results of the 2021 financial year and the main milestones that have marked the progress of Bidafarma in the past year. In specific terms, Bidafarma invoiced 2,524 million euros and achieved a market cut of 21.74%. Currently at the end of May 2022, this indicator is 22.07%. In this way, Bidafarma consolidates itself as a reference distributor at a national level for pharmacies in our country.

During the General Assembly, we also approved the constitution of the Bidafarma Foundation as a tool to channel the cooperative’s corporate social responsibility actions

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