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An act of kindness lives forever. Triler and poster of ‘Wonder. white bird

Lionsgate presents the trailer for ‘Wonderful. white bird‘, a film adaptation of the novel by RJ Palacio published in 2019. After Auggie Pullman touched our hearts with his kindness and goodness in ‘wonder‘, returns to the big screen the universe created by the author with a new story, full of emotion, feeling and respect.

It’s been a while since Justin got kicked out of school. There he learned from Auggie (Jacob Tremblay) a life lesson, but things at the new school are not easy. One afternoon, after class, her grandmother is going to tell her a story: The story of how, in Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a Jewish girl named Sara managed to survive thanks to the kindness and generosity of a boy and a girl. his family.

marc forster (‘Stranger than fiction’, ‘World War Z’) is the director of this “spiritual” movie sequel to the hit 2017 movie written this time around by Mark Bomback (‘War for the Planet of the Apes’, ‘Defending Jacob’) and starring Helen Mirren, anderson william and the young orlando schwardt, Ariella Glaser there Bryce Gheiser.

Lionsgate will release the film in theaters in the United States at the beginning of October 14, after eOne Films announces its premiere in Spain for the last quarter of the year (without specifying a specific day).

This is the second film that to date we know is planned to be released in theaters in our country by eOne Films, which has been very inactive lately. After brand newthe Duke‘directly on Movistar Plus+ last Friday, the other is’The Fabelmans‘, the new movie Steven Spielberg… and the last one to have a soundtrack by John Williams, who this week announced his retirement from the cinema, since the fifth installment of Indiana Jones be his last job.

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