Drinks were organized every Friday evening in Downing Street during the confinement, the newspaper claims on Saturday The Mirror, extending the list of accusations against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This Saturday morning, the British press is full of revelations on partygate which has thrown the 57-year-old Tory into turmoil more surely than the other controversies he has faced since coming to power in July 2019. The Mirror claims that every Friday, Downing Street workers completed their working week sharing glasses of wine and dancing most often, a “long-standing tradition” which has continued despite the introduction of Covid restrictions, which in principle prohibited such gatherings.

About fifty people received in their electronic agenda the mention of this weekly meeting, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The newspaper adds, supporting photos, that the staff had invested in a refrigerator to keep wines, beers and bottles of Prosecco, a common Italian wine, cool.

A Downing Street spokesperson has referred to the findings of an investigation by a senior civil servant who will have to determine whether Boris Johnson and his aides broke the rules at the various events, but the newspapers claim that Boris Johnson, aware of these date, did not try to stop them, believing that they could help “relieve the pressure”.

A celebration in full “national mourning”

On Thursday, the Daily Telegraph revealed that a party even took place on April 16, 2021, the day before Prince Philip’s funeral. It was about celebrate the departure of two members of the ministerial staff. Reserves of alcohol were reportedly purchased from a nearby supermarket and transported in a wheeled suitcase; the party was in full swing, wine was reportedly spilled on a carpet, a manager turned into a DJ in the buildings’ basements and a swing used by the Prime Minister’s son was reportedly broken in the gardens. “BoJo” was at his country residence in Checkers that day, according to his spokesperson.

The case produces a particularly scathing effect: on April 17, Elizabeth II, 95, dressed in black, broke the hearts of the most hardened Englishmen by seeming to attend almost alone the funeral of her late husband because of the rules of physical distance respected. during the ceremony in the private chapel at Windsor Castle. “It is deeply regrettable that this took place at a time of national mourning and No 10 (Downing Street) has apologized to the Palace,” Johnson’s spokesman told reporters.

If, for several days, opposition calls on prime minister to resign, a growing number of members of the Conservative Party have made their complaints known since the exposure of this indecency. Tory MP Nigel Mills, an early supporter of Boris Johnson, questioned how “so many stupid things could have happened”. A Wellingborough MP, Peter Bone, ruled that anyone partying at No 10 on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral should “be sacked”. Tory MPs are said to be the recipients of hundreds of emails from angry voters.

“If Boris wants to survive, like an alcoholic he has to admit he has a problem and get serious therapy. It is beyond my understanding to see how stupid they can be, ”assures a heavyweight of the majority this Saturday at the Times, who also claims that three ministers asked the head of government to sacrifice his chief of staff, Dan Rosenfield, on the altar of scandal, renamed across the Channel “partygate”.

VIDEO. Boris Johnson admits having participated in a party in full containment

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