It was the surprise of the summer and one of those “limited series” cases that have to be crossed out “limited” with its renewal for a season 2. Created and written by Mike White, ‘The White Lotus‘ is picking up pace in his preparation for his new episodes.

Although the details of the HBO series are still sparse, we are going to break down everything we know about season 2 of ‘The White Lotus’.

The history

The details of the story are still under summary secrecy (as if we had known much about the first season before it premiered). The only thing we know for sure is it will be in a different hotel, since the chain has facilities all over the world: “could be The White Lotus: San Tropez or something”Mike White would say speaking for TVLine:

“I don’t think you can credibly have [a los huéspedes de la temporada 1] on the same vacation, but maybe it could be a kind of Marvel Universe, where some of them could come back.”

So we’d have a new “scene”/mystery or whatever in a brand new hotel, with a full set of characters. Which brings us to…

The cast

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Although we do not yet have details about the story, we do begin to know who will be in the new season. It is the case of Michael Imperioli, who will play Dominici Di Grasso, who travels with his elderly father and young son, recently graduated from university.

Too we know the signing of Aubrey Plaza as Harper Spiller, who travels with her husband and his friends. And so far confirmed in the cast.

Almost since it was known that there would be season 2, it has been assumed (or rumored) that Jennifer Coolidge could return as Tanya McQuoid. At the moment, HBO has not confirmed this return.

The filming

Taking into account that we are already beginning to meet the first members of the new cast, the shooting dates should not be too far away. Season 1 was shot in late 2020 and hit HBO in July 2021..

the release date

Without knowing the shooting dates, we will probably have to wait a long time to see the new episodes of the series. If, by theme, they decide to release it in summer, this would be 2023.

The trailer and images

At the moment, we do not have a trailer or images of season 2 of ‘The White Lotus’.

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