Investigation sources have confirmed that, in the absence of autopsy tests and the results of the investigations, the man died as a result of several stab wounds.

The police

The National Police investigating the crime of Vigo, in a case that has been taken over by the Court of Duty number 6, tries to clarify if the woman of the marriage found dead stabbed her husband and then committed suicide.

Investigative sources have confirmed that the man has a stab wound to the back. As for the woman, there are no signs of violence in the first inspection carried out, but the causes of death remain to be clarified.

Sources close to the investigation have confirmed to Efe that a box of pills appeared next to the woman, without specifying what medication it was.

In addition, the same sources of the investigation have pointed out that the house was closed, there were no signs that anyone had entered the house, located on Álvaro Cunqueiro street in Vigo.

The couple’s daughter notified the Police since she had been trying to locate them for several days. I went to the flat in Vigo, located on the calle lvaro Cunqueiro, in the center of the city, accompanied by police officers around 7:00 p.m. this Friday afternoon.

The judicial delegation lifted the bodies of the victims after 9:00 p.m. this Friday night. One of the keys to the investigation will be the practice of forensic exam.

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