Reinaldo Wheel delivers his concepts about the work he has done with the Colombia selectionbefore the friendly match against Honduras, this Sunday, in the United States.

Alternatives for the eliminatory. “Those four days of training are very gratifying because of the responses from the players. They have worked intensely and the boys have responded. There are some who come along the way of last year’s call and others who had not had the opportunity to be with us. It’s positive, we hope that in the test against Honduras we can reflect what has been done.”

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The positive of ‘Chicho’ Arango. “It’s unfortunate what happened. He started well, has been out of training and is going back to his club. It is in consideration for the tie at the end of January and February.”

David Ospin. “Fortunately, the resonance showed a good result, there was no rupture, only a strong contracture. It is necessary to avoid that he plays in the middle of the week and that he does it the weekend before the call”.

The summons. “It is the evaluation that has been carried out with a high percentage of the local league, that was the objective. The idea is to project the evolution of our players in other leagues, see the moment and balance the design of the payroll for the matches in Peru and Argentina. I hope that the players respond and we are waiting for their performance. Those from Europe will be the ones who come with the best filming.”

Psychological management by covid-19. “It has been exhausting from the psychological point of view. Several players were lost on the initial roster, several during their vacations were infected and now those who arrived with many negative tests must take the tests and that generates tension. The players know, they We ask that they be careful, that they take care of themselves, because this profession demands that of us”.

Still ball work. “Each cycle includes that. In Barranquilla we work on it and review it. It’s one of the demands we put on ourselves for everything that the set-piece trend means, as offenses and as defenses.”

Honduras. “
It will be a demanding rival, who is in another project and that demand will be important that will force us to examine ourselves. Professor Hernán Darío has been there for a few months, he has a balanced payroll. They play good football, it will be a good evaluation”.

Theophilus Gutierrez. “We have many players on the spectrum, among them the locals. ‘Teo’ is in Cali, he finished well, but for this cycle we have not taken him into account.”

The news of the group. “You know what we have done in the previous processes. Here we come and we had two difficult years with this issue of the pandemic, we have lost time and job opportunities.”

Colombia-Chile for World Cup qualifying, where Colombia won 3-1 with goals from Miguel Ángel Borja and Luis Díaz, at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla.


Vanexa Romero/The Time

The pillars. “We must wait how the return of these great players to Colombian soccer unfolds. The task is to carry out these analyses. These returns are gratifying for the Colombian league.”

Miguel Borgia. “He has come in the process of the National Team with good success. Due to naivety we lost him, due to the injury to his club. Now, he is going back to his level, I think we cannot be precise in that sense. This Sunday’s game gives us a best measure of how he is. He reaches Junior and hopefully he continues on the scoring streak, motivated, he is one of those players who transforms with the National Team”.

Call of Tolima. There were aspects. Some marked positive and that deprived them. There were other considerations as well. I spoke with Hernán Torres and what he did is commendable, that’s why we couldn’t have team players.”

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