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With this objective, they have collected 1,500 signatures from people in the field of culture, as reported by Txillardegi Liburutegia Herri Ekimena in the tribute made in front of the mural drawn in the Old.

On the 10th anniversary of the death of the linguist, writer and politician José Luis Álvarez Enparantza, Txillardegi, Donostia today hosted a tribute in which they once again called for the municipal library to bear his name.

The homage has been in front of the mural dedicated to Txillardegi in the neighborhood of Antiguo, and there has made the request to the City Council of the Gipuzkoan capital the popular initiative Txillardegi Library.

The president of the initiative, Fito Rodríguez, has said that the institutions are in debt to the Euskaltzale activist, and that is why they continue to reaffirm themselves, 10 years later, in the request made by several writers in their day.

In this sense, Rodriguez has announced that they have collected 1,500 signatures of people from the field of culture to present them at the City Council in order to unblock the situation.

The representative of the popular initiative Txillardegi Liburutegia has recalled that the author has not received official recognition in his place of birth, in Donostia-San Sebastián, while in Oñati, for example, the City Council has unanimously decided to place a plaque in his honor in Arantzazu for the contribution he made to Batua Basque.

Despite emphasizing that Txillardegi has not received sufficient institutional recognition, he has ensured that the Basque language from San Sebastian has the popular recognition, and that this has been evidenced in the conferences that have been held this week in the San Telmo museum.


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