The Australian authorities have arrested the Serbian tennis player this Saturday and have transferred him to a Melbourne hotel that serves as an immigration detention center pending the court hearing on Sunday on his possible deportation.

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic He was arrested this Saturday Melbourne by the Australian police following the decision of the government of the country of cancel your visa again for reasons of “health and good order”, which will cause the world number one to not be able to play the Australian Open, the first ‘Grand Slam’ of the season.

Djokovic’s arrest occurred minutes before midnight in Euskal Herria, according to CNN, in a place agreed by both parties and as a result of the procedure for Djokovic’s allegation to the Federal Court of Australia, which will sentence -in the next few hours – definitely about the presence of ‘Nole’ in the country.

Djokovic’s arrest occurs because he has not left the country voluntarily, a decision that will only force him to remain in contact with his lawyers until the hearing with the Federal Court.

His problems in Melbourne come after his controversial entry into Australia last week. The oceanic country denied entry to the tennis player for not meeting the health access requirements despite the fact that he had traveled with a medical exemption since he is not vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The winner of 20 ‘big’ confirmed last Wednesday that he did not know that he had tested positive for coronavirus until after attending an event in Serbia, but that he did attend a long-agreed interview the next day, which he considered “an error of judgement”.

In addition, Djokovic blamed an “administrative error” on his team for indicating on his entry papers to Australia that he had not traveled in the last 14 days when he had been in the Malaga town of Marbella at the end of the year.


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