The story is terrible. But it is ultimately one of the favorite social networks of young people, also known for its shortcomings, which will get this victim out of a real hell. It all started on Friday morning shortly before 6 a.m. when the parents of a 14-year-old runaway girl from Ardèche contacted the police.

They have just received panicked messages from their daughter, via the social network Instagram. She says she is in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), and being kidnapped after being raped, reveals France 3. She took advantage of the sleep of her captors to sound the alarm. She would have potentially been beaten and drugged. Problem: it is impossible for her to be able to communicate her exact position in the Marseille city that she does not know. We do not know the reasons for his presence in this city.

The police take over and talk to the teenager. An investigator, “a young assistant police officer” according to regional television, will then have the saving idea of ​​asking her if she has a Snapchat account, the social network of ephemeral messages preferred by teenagers. In fact, this application allows the geolocation of its members.

The police quickly find the exact building where the young girl is, in the Cabucelle district (15th arrondissement). They will then ask her to turn on the light of the apartment where she is. Which is impossible for him without waking up his captors.

Violated in turn by the two men

Always in contact with the police forces, she will guide them. As they go upstairs one by one, she will have to confirm her presence when she can hear them on the landing. They knock on all the doors until she writes “yes” by text message when they arrive in front of the apartment of her ordeal.

The police finally enter and arrest two men aged 27 and 64, still according to France 3. One of them is trying to erase content from his phone when he is apprehended, stopped by the men of the Bac. The victim is found prostrate, terrified and under the effect of psychotropic drugs, according to Le Figaro. She was quickly hospitalized.

Heard by the investigators, the victim, who admitted to prostituting himself occasionally, said he had met the youngest of his executioners the day before. He would have offered to host her in this apartment where she discovered the sexagenarian. She would then have consumed cannabis, before being raped in turn by the two men. The first medical findings confirm anal lesions. She says she was forced to perform oral sex.

The two men were placed in police custody as part of the investigation entrusted to the Departmental Security of Bouches-du-Rhône. They are already known to law enforcement. “If the deputy police officer had not had the idea of ​​locating her thanks to Snapchat, we might not have been able to find her. Who knows what could have happened to him? “, concludes Rudy Manna, departmental secretary of the Alliance Police union in the Bouches-du-Rhône, with France 3.

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