POLITICS – It’s done. This Saturday, January 15, as she had promised, Christiane Taubira came to provide clarification regarding his candidacy for the presidential that she “envisioned” a month ago.

In Lyon, the former Keeper of the Seals confirmed that she was “candidate for the presidency of the republic”, going through the primary popular. She spoke out for a “great democracy free from monarchical fantasies” and a “government that respects you”.

She gave several priorities including youth, social, health and ecology. Christiane Taubira, for example, offers an income of 800 euros per month for five years for young people as well as the revaluation of the minimum wage. “I will convene a conference on salaries” to revalue them, she announced. Philosophically, she wishes to be the candidate “of hope” in the face of “hate”.

The PS denounces “one more candidacy”

On BFMTV, the spokesperson for the Socialist Party immediately criticized this candidacy. “When I hear her speech, I have the impression of hearing Anne Hidalgo’s program, she only represents herself”, pointed out Cécile Hervieu. She denounces “one more candidacy on the left” and sees “a priori” no dialogue between the two candidates. “It’s unfair,” she pointed out again, reminding him of his candidacy in 2002 against Lionel Jospin who had failed to reach the second round.

The primary popular is a civic organization which militates for the union of the left and which already has more than 120,000 registered for the vote which will be organized from January 27 to 30.

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