This week it was announced that The Oscars will have a host for the first time in three years. With the announcement came reports that several high-profile names have been reached out to for the gig, including Pete Davidson, Dwayne Johnson, and Tom Holland. Andrew Garfield is now chiming in on who he supports getting the gig and, as you guessed it, he’s all for his Spider-Man co-star running the ceremony.

During a chat with People, Andrew Garfield endorsed his co-star for the big hosting gig and called the young actor “charismatic” and a “song-and-dance-triple-threat actor.” According to Garfield, this would make Holland an “incredible Oscars host.”

“I think Tom is so charismatic and such an incredible performer and actor, and I think he’d be an incredible Oscars host. I think he would be absolutely brilliant. And I would certainly be curious to see how he was as an Oscars host. He’s so charming and he’s such a showman and he’s such a song-and-dance triple-threat actor. I would be very, very confident in his confidence.”

Holland expressed interest in hosting The Oscars during an interview last month. This could be how he landed on The Academy’s radar as a potential choice, which also reportedly includes the stars of The Only Murders in the Building, Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. The goal seems to skew the show younger in a bid to improve ratings so all of these choices would be ideal for that. I’m not entirely sure it’s the right move for any of them to do it but that’s just my knee-jerk reaction.

Do YOU think Tom Holland should host The Oscars?

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