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In Tunisia, a dozen journalists were molested by the police on Friday 14 January. Among them, RFI correspondent Mathieu Galtier. He covered, for the French newspaper Release, a demonstration against President Kaïs Saïed. RFI strongly condemns this police aggression against its correspondent in Tunis.

The meeting, at the call of the opposition and officially prohibits due to the Covid, also intended to commemorate the eleventh anniversary of the fall of the regime of former President Ben Ali.

Our colleague and colleague Mathieu Galtier, who is also the correspondent for several French media, was violently beaten to the ground by several police officers. They snatched his phone and his press card, which were returned to him later.

On the other hand, the memory card of his telephone on which the video images of the demonstration and the police repression were recorded disappeared. Mathieu Galtier was prescribed 15 days of rest by a doctor who noted an injury to the forehead.

“Not isolated practices”

Several NGOs reacted to this violence. This is notably the case of the Association of Foreign Correspondents in North Africa and the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights.

« We strongly condemn this police aggression against the correspondent here in Tunis. We asked for the opening of an investigation within the Ministry of the Interior. These practices are not isolated practices, says Alaa Talbi, one of the leaders of the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights, joined by RFI.

This is not the first journalist who has been attacked, and what happened yesterday confirms once again that the police system or the police state still rules in Tunisia, even ten years after the revolution. We are still in the same practices, we are still in the non-respect of human rights, in the non-respect of the right to demonstrations and we are also in the fact especially that we are not in helping journalists uncover the truth and do their job. »

RFI management joins in on a daily basis Release to strongly condemn this police aggression against our correspondent.


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