15 ene 2022 02:03 GMT

Hundreds of trucks from Bolivia have been stranded on the border with Chile for 4 days, due to new restrictions imposed by the Chilean government on entering their country due to the coronavirus pandemic. reported the government of Luis Arce.

Carriers and their cargo vehicles, which form a line of more than 10 kilometers, are waiting to be authorized to cross the Chungara-Tambo Quemado border crossing, a highway linking southwestern Bolivia with northern Chile.

Some of them have tested positive for covid-19 and will have to remain in quarantine in a camp in the area.

Meanwhile, the Bolivian Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Integration, Benjamín Blanco Ferri, reported that provisions are being delivered to the affected people, and in Press conference estimated their total at 1,500, while a group of health professionals pay medical attention and take PCR tests to various drivers.

On the other hand, together with the Bolivian Customs, an advance registry of all carriers was prepared so that Chilean officials have all the information of the stranded workers, with the aim of “expediting procedures and achieving greater speed in the crowded border crossing “.

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