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0:00 Opening
0:04 Brian Robinson’s performance
1:18 Mix of scoring players / Ja’Corey Brooks TD
3:36 Defensive performance
4:37 Breaking Cincinnati down
5:31 Offensive game plan
6:07 Team mentality
7:42 Close

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37 thought on “Luke Fickell and Desmond Ridder recap season ending loss to Alabama football in CFP | SEC News”
  1. Cincy is probably the best “Group of 5” team ever. They had 30+ Sr’s that came back and they handled everyone in their space. That being said, they still got physically dominated on both fronts, giving up 6 sacks and over 300 yards of rushing by a team that is one of the youngest in all of FBS.
    It boils down to this, Alabama has better players. Period. No Group of 5 team will ever consistently match up with these programs. Can we please end all of this “Group of 5” and get them their own playoff and National Championship??

  2. There really needs to be a separate championship series for programs like this bc it is unfair to put them up against elite programs on an entirely different level. This is a fine Cincinnati football team from stem to stern. They just didn’t belong in this game.

  3. Not to take anything away from Cincy but Bama literally showed them they didnt belong in that level of competition they went back to ground and pound and it wasn't a damn thing they could do about it lol

  4. Cinci is good and without so many mistakes could have been a closer game …but it just shows that these guys have to realize these big dawg teams that are in the top 5 every single year are elite elite ….u make any mistakes and don’t come out better then the last game you can easily take an L

  5. And people this is heavy competition ….they don’t need to congratulate bama lol ….bama is good every year they don’t need any pats on there back they need to be the enemy ….that’s how us buckeyes think lol ….now our coach is a good guy so he’d congratulate nick but fans and players as a buckeye we are cut throat lol
    Go bucks !!! We coming 2022

  6. Cincy was averaging 40 a game against weak opposition and talking a good game. Against Bama they couldn't score a single TD. Cincy and Michigan combined scored one late garbage TD and seventeen total points against Bama and Georgia.

  7. Cincinnati has no reason to hang their heads. It's clear their talent level was not the same as Alabama. Cincinnati was fortunate to just make it to the playoff. They should be smiling. Just getting a chance to go was like winning the national championship. They need to gain some perspective and not act so disappointed. Maybe after a couple of days they will realize just getting there was huge and they couldn't realistically expect more

  8. Told everyone they did not belong in the 4 slot.. Oklahoma at 10-2 belonged there… would have been a much better game.. not a slaughter… Told everyone and I was ridiculed for saying Cincinnati would NOT get in the end zone.. AAC…Did NOT belong in this game!!!

  9. I'm a bama fan, RTR! , but give this team alit of credit their defence keep us guessing and confused, hell gave us better game then the SEC championship! Hold your heads up bearcats! U deserved to be in the final 4 and I still fill they made the right call after the game was over

  10. you are not the only one that got a beating Georgia got beating they to went unbeating Georgia are way better that you there a saying goes to be the Best you have to play the Best all the team you play again are no where as good as any of the SEC team if you what to be the Best you will have to play in the SEC so that where you need to be there is one Great coach you got beating by him is Nick Saban

  11. Ok group of five. Do you understand now???? Why there is a POWER FIVE? Why there is a hroup of five. Fickle knew he didn’t have a chance. This power five is a place you cannot exist. Please CFP don’t do this to us again. Notre Dame is bad enough. I don’t care what your record is you don’t belong. At least you were able to Kiss Nick Saban’s rings. STOP THINKING THE INSANE THOUGHT THAT YOU CAN COMPETE WITH THESE GUYS

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