The end of the season is coming for the Cineactual Podcast and we do not miss the appointment of The Best and The Worst of 2021 in film and television.

End of the year and season party! The year ends and we do our thing, the final balance of the cinema and series released this 2021, with our tops of the best and worst of the year in cinemas and television. Samuel Úbeda, Francisco Javier Santiago, Javier Muñoz, Daniel Rengel and Jose Fortaña analyze the cinematographic and television year, and not only that, but they are accompanied by the collaborators who have had this 2021, such as Par-Odd, Cinema Made in Asia, etc., to get their tops of the year.

The CineActual team wishes you all happy holidays and a happy new year to everyone! Enjoy the movies, family! And tell us what you think is the best and worst of the year, we want to know!

In addition, this podcast has a really special raffle, where there will be three winners who will be able to take one of these three prizes: the book «The best cinema of the s. XX ”, a copy of the movie Godzilla VS Kong or a pack of very cinephile posters. You can check the bidding rules from the following link: competition rules.

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