The A3Media group (Antena 3, La Sexta, NEOX, MEGA and others) plans to launch its new streaming platform in 2022 to compete with the all-powerful Netflix, HBOMax and Amazon Prime Video.

Although there is already an A3Media app, it only has content that it already broadcasts open on its multiple channels available, so they have decided to create a new platform with exclusive premium content. This platform will be called Publix and will only broadcast advertisements, something in which they have been leading for a long time.

There will be content from the A3media group, but above all we will see productions from large industry such as Krom, Imagine, Oblicua or Compass. We will be able to view modern ads and also classics remastered in 4K with H265 codec and Nvidia DLSS 2.3 in case of compatible equipment. In certain old advertisements, the platform will issue an alert message, as Disney did, as they are audiovisual pieces produced in times less “committed” to current sensitivities. Examples of this will be those of ColaCao or the one in which a whole family, children and parents, enjoyed a rich liter of El Águila beer.

To stand out from the rest of the platforms, it will offer the functionality of automatically increasing the volume up to 65% regardless of the platform being used (Smart TV, Android, Windows, etc). In the words of Javier Bardají, general director of the group, “Our intention is to burst the audience’s eardrums as soon as the voice-overs from the Seguros Santa Lucía or Vodafone advertisements begin to play.”

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