Guy Forget reluctantly decided to quit the management of the Roland-Garros and Rolex Paris Masters tournaments. A heavy choice to bear for the one who was at the head of the Grand Slam on clay since 2016 and of the Bercy Open since 2012. In an interview with L’Equipe, the former French number 1 evokes the reasons for this divorce. With Gilles Moretton, the new president of the French Tennis Federation, Guy Forget highlights a lack of communication: “Gilles is president, I do not dispute it. From the start, I told him of my astonishment. After a month and a half, we still hadn’t had an exchange, he had never asked me a question. I did not understand. Communication never existed with him. And, clearly, I felt there was no trust. “

However, Moretton recently made a proposal to Forget to continue in office. “For several weeks, with Gilles, we have had discussions to possibly renew my contract. He made me an offer recently which I refused. “A decision motivated by Forget by this lack of motivation but also because Moretton wanted Forget’s position to evolve:” Yes, on the project and my action within the Federation. But beyond that, from the start of Gilles’ mandate, I felt that communication was not going on. “

“I have always considered that human relationships were essential”

For Guy Forget, it was not possible to continue if there was not a real connection with President Moretton. “I have always considered human relationships to be essential; I think it’s Yannick (Noah) who was the first to instill that in us, which was a big part of our Davis Cup success. It is fundamental, essential. “And to continue:” I believe that the driving force must be human relationships, trust, and if I do not feel this balance, this alchemy around me, I am not well. I don’t blame anybody but, at the same time, I feel both sad to leave people that I love very much and relieved. “

A departure which could also not be final: “I am a little sad because it is a page which is turned. I’m not continuing the adventure, at least for the moment, because we don’t know what the future will bring… ”A departure that Yannick Noah was quick to comment on. On his Instagram account, he wrote: “My mate just got kicked out of the tennis family.” Since 1999, this is the first time that Guy Forget finds himself without an official function after having been captain of the French men’s team (1999-2012) and even women’s (1999-2004) then director of the Bercy tournament (2012-2021), then Roland-Garros (2016-2021).


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