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A new front arrives in the territory around noon, which will be accompanied by rain. Navarra will activate the yellow warning for rain at noon and the warning for snow at midnight. They warn of the danger of avalanches in the Atlantic Pyrenees.

The Basque Meteorological Agency, Euskalmet, foresees for this Wednesday in the CAV a new day marked by the rains and the drop in temperatures, with a snow level that will be around 1000 meters at the end of the day.

In the early morning the wind will still blow from the southwest, but the cloudiness will increase and the sky will be covering. At noon the wind will turn northwest on the coast and it will start to rain there.

During the first hours of the afternoon the change will spread to the interior and the afternoon-night will be gray and rainy. The snow level will descend in the afternoon and end up around 1000 meters at the end of the day. Temperatures will drop, with maximums that will not exceed 12 degrees and minimums that will oscillate between -1 degree and 8 degrees.

On Navarra, the skies will be cloudy with a predominance of low clouds, less abundant in the southern third where cloudy intervals are expected. The rains will be weak and occasional, more abundant in the Cantabrian Slope and in the Pyrenees where showers are expected that may be accompanied by storms at the end of the day. On the Cantabrian slope this noon the warning will be activated yellow due to rainNotice that it will last until 12:00 hours tomorrow, Thursday. 80 mm of precipitation can accumulate in 24 hours.

In addition, this midnight the yellow warning for snowfall. In the Cantabrian slope accumulations are expected above 600 meters, accumulation that could reach 4 cm in 24 hours. In the area of Navarra Pyrenees the snow will be able to reach in 24 hours 10 cm thick, although, in this case, above the 1000 meters altitude. Both warnings will be deactivated tomorrow at midnight (00:00 on December 3).

In the mountainous areas of the Atlantic Pyrenees was activated at 06:00 hours on yellow warning for avalanches, notice that will be in effect until 06:00 hours on Thursday.


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