Nasser Al-Khater, president of the organizing committee, recalled that homosexuality is prohibited in the emirate, but it will be allowed to enter the parties: “We respect different cultures and we hope they are respected”

A fan is photographed in front of the World Cup logo.
A fan is photographed in front of the World Cup logo.NOUSHAD THEKKAYILEFE

In a year, around this time, the World Cup in Qatar will already be running. It will do so on November 21, 2022 and, as Nasser Al-Khater, director of the organizing committee, made it clear, it will do so while respecting the culture and rules that govern the emirate. “Homosexuality is not allowed,” he assured in an interview with CNN, but he promises that LGTBI + supporters will have the right to travel and attend games. Of course, with one condition, applicable to the entire audience: “The displays of public affection are frowned upon and this applies to everyone.”

The countdown to Qatar has begun and from the organization of the controversial World Cup they begin to answer some of the doubts that have been arising. “Qatar and neighboring countries are much more modest and conservative. This is what we ask the fans to respect. We are sure they will. Just as we respect different cultures, we hope they will be respected,” he asked.

The Qatari official was questioned about Josh Cavallo, the footballer who made his homosexuality public a few weeks ago and said he was afraid to go to Qatar. “On the contrary, we welcome you and invite you to come to know the country before the World Cup. Nobody feels threatened here, I think that this perception of danger is due to the multiple accusations and news that give a negative outlook to the country” Al-Khater replied.

Regarding the criticism of the numerous deaths that the stadium works have left, about 6,500 according to associations such as Amnesty International, he referred to the progress that Qatar had experienced in this regard. “People must also recognizethe responsibilities Qatar has assumed to advance, enact laws, protect workers’ rights and well-being. “

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