Sylvie Vassalo, director of the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse en Seine-Saint-Denis, answers children’s questions.

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Marie Bernardeau, Cécile Ribault Caillol


Radio France



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Read on with the Children’s Book and Press Fair in Seine-Saint-Denis which opens its doors Wednesday December 1 and until December 6. For this great book festival happening in Montreuil, franceinfo junior receives Sylvie Vassalo, the director of the Salon. She answers questions from students in CM2 classes at Picpus elementary school in Paris.

Jade, 9, asks the first question: “I would like to know why we are having a children’s book fair?”. Noah, 10, wonders: “How many children’s books come out per year and how many can be found at the Salon?”

Why are the prices of the Children’s Book Fair called Les Pépites?

Matthieu, 10 years old, knows that there are children’s juries, but “how one becomes a children’s jury for the Nuggets Price ?”. Jade asks a question again: “Are these the authors who come by themselves, or is it the organization asking them to come? “. At last, Noah would like to know “what activities there are in this Salon du livre, and how you come up with different ideas each year to animate the Salon.”

On this page, listen to all the children’s questions and this franceinfo junior program.


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