The museum of the Hotel Sandelin is renowned for its collection of Asian art. For the exhibition Deities and immortals, he took out of his reserves works usually protected from light. About twenty paintings and sculptures represent important deities of Shintoism and Buddhism, the majority religions in Japan, as well as Taoism, one of the pillars of Chinese thought..

“We are on divinities whose representation or visualization are supposed to bring good luck. The rest are auspicious things like the cats that we see at the entrance of Japanese restaurants”, specifies Romain Saffré, the director of the museum.

Through this exhibition, visitors can notably discover the kamis, magical personalities, anchored in Japanese mythology. As Romain Saffré explains, “the Taoist immortals are at the origin of the real characters, whose tradition has made immortals, a bit like the saints in the West and around whom a whole bunch of legends have hung up.

Among these “saints” is Tekkai Senin, an immortal whose soul is lodged in the body of a beggar.

Tekkai Senin, a Japanese immortal, presented at the Sandelin museum as part of the Divinities and Immortals exhibition (France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais)

Thanks to his japanese graphic art background, forty one paintings on paper and one hundred and seventy five prints, the museum offers every 6 months on average, a new exhibition on a different theme. Most of the works date from the 19th century.e century but some, the oldest were made in the XVIIe century.

The Sandelin museum has a very important collection of Japanese art (France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais)

“Divinities and immortals” exhibition until spring 2022

Sandelin Museum
14 rue Carnot
62500 Saint-Omer


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