We all know that not all jobs are paid equally. If I ask you who are the best paid, the same jobs come to mind for all of us. However, there are other jobs that you did not know were so well paid.

In today’s article we are going to introduce you to 5 high paying jobs that you probably didn’t know about.

  • Toilet paper tester

You may have already heard of this job, but you have not finished believing it. The truth is that it exists and is well paid. Not just anyone is valid to test this product, you have to have developed touch and smell. As indicated in Employment office They earn between € 27,000 and € 44,000.

  • Hugs and caresses professional

In Spain it is an unknown job, in the United States it is a job and very well paid too. You have probably never considered that there are professionals of hugs and caresses. The truth is that it exists and it is a well-paid job. If you dedicate yourself to it, you can earn € 500 / day.

We all know that information and data are the foundation of most businesses. Those who have access to it have the power. Google is a good example of this. Those who work with data can earn € 120,000 and this figure is expected to increase.

When we go to renowned restaurants, the presentation of the dishes is always impeccable. Many consider it an art. In restaurants, it is usually the chefs who design and carry it out. However, when we see dishes in magazines, they are not the ones who make it. They are experts who dedicate themselves exclusively to it. They are known as food stylists and can earn a salary of € 52,500.

Like all toys, you have to test them to be able to offer it to the public. Sex toys are no different in that sense. There are people who are dedicated exclusively to testing these toys. The salary is around € 27,000 – € 40,000.

There are likely more little-known, well-paying jobs that we haven’t mentioned. If you know any, feel free to leave them in the comments. If you like to know curiosities of the workplace, you may be interested in reading the article “old famous works

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