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It is the deadliest shipwreck since 2018.

Twenty-seven migrants who wanted to cross to England from France drowned Wednesday in the icy waters of the English Channel. This tragedy is the consequence of at least two factors: the smugglers who make these crossings a business, and the quarrel between France and the United Kingdom. The first is accused of laxity by the second, who has not complied with his promise finance up to 63 million euros to secure the border.

Emmanuel Macron reacted by saying that “France will not let the English Channel become a cemetery”. But have our politicians really taken the measure of the despair of these people, who end up boarding makeshift canoes, risking their lives, sometimes with their children? Why are asylum application points not being set up? And what is the state of French opinion on this subject?

Roselyne Febvre and Jean-Marie Colombani, director of, discuss it with their guests David Revault d’Allonnes, head of the political service at the JDD, and Frédéric Dabi, deputy director general of the IFOP and author of The divide, in the program “Politique” of France 24, in partnership with Slate.

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Of course one day I will no longer be there, it’s difficult to tell you when, I don’t have my agenda with me there.

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