Antwain Fowler – the viral kid who asked “where are we going to eat?” »- could soon open a restaurant in his honor… this is the grand project of the mother of the deceased.

Christina Burns, Antwain’s mother, told TMZ … his GoFundMe was created in March during one of his many hospital stays and he has now raised $ 72,000, of which $ 22,000 has been donated since his Sunday death. She wants to put the money to keep her legacy alive, in the form of a restaurant called “Where We Bout To Eat At”.

Antwain’s mother said the $ 22,000 raised over the past few days would go towards starting the business, with the remaining $ 50,000 helping to pay Antwain’s hospital bills and other family expenses. Christina says she will help create the menu, but needs help managing the other aspects of a restaurant. The menu will be versatile with seafood, chicken and other dishes – so you won’t have to look much further when asked “where are we going to eat?” “

The viral sensation had a ton of catchphrases, which will reflect on the menu… for example, Antwain’s mom is already planning “You Have Cheese Like Me” mozzarella sticks.

After Antwain went viral, her mother says she tried to start a seafood truck business… her 3 other children.

As we reported … Antwain is dead On November 21, after battling a rare autoimmune deficiency, his mother, according to his mother, forced him to come and go to the hospital since he was 4 months old. He was only 6 years old.

Her mother sheds light on her death… she says Antwain was home when she heard her ventilator go off an alarm. Typically, Antwain alerts his family when he experiences pain or has trouble breathing, but this time he’s been silent.

Antwain’s mother says police and an ambulance came to their home and tried to resuscitate him, but were unlucky… he was taken to a hospital where medics fought to keep him safe. life, but ultimately could not.

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A week before her death, Christina said Antwain was having the best time of her life at a local ice cream shop in Miami. COVID made it difficult for Antwain to socialize, but the store made special accommodations for him and he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

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