Foods can impact your weight and your joints. Here are the ones to watch out for in arthritis.

Some say that food is medicine. But could a good diet help ease arthritis pain and joint stiffness? May be. On the other hand, let’s be clear, there is no specific diet that treats arthritis. But that doesn’t mean that food can’t influence your health.

Food allergies or sensitivities can make pain and fatigue worse. Certain foods can also worsen inflammation and trigger the body’s immune response, which could negatively affect your arthritis symptoms.

Mixed diets

Here are some popular diets and how they might help your arthritis symptoms.

Mediterranean diet:

This popular diet includes lots of healthy foods: fish, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats like olive oil and nuts. Eating a diet rich in vegetable and fish oils may decrease joint pain and stiffness.

This diet also boosts heart health and reduces inflammation. Moreover, it is good for weight loss which also relieves joint tension.

Gluten-free diet:

This diet, which eschews a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, is quite popular right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone. Gluten sensitivity may be more common in people with psoriasis. This sensitivity could worsen the inflammation of your immune system and your joints.

Paleo diet:

There are some parts of this diet that may be helpful for arthritis. The benefits of the “paleo” diet are avoiding processed foods, sugar, and salt. It also promotes fresh, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.

But a paleo diet includes red meat, which can make inflammation worse. Plus, he avoids heart-healthy, low-calorie whole-grain foods, as well as beans and other legumes.

Focus on anti-inflammation foods

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy a rainbow of colors for a variety of nutrients and flavors, and eat at least 9 servings per day.

Consider eliminating peppers and tomatoes. Although they are rich in nutrients, these foods can trigger inflammation and could make arthritis pain worse in some people.

Choose vegetables rich in vitamin K, such as spinach, cabbage and broccoli.

Enjoy products richer in vitamin C such as citrus fruits. Eat red and purple fruits like berries and cherries.

Eat whole grains like whole whole wheat bread and brown rice. These high fiber foods help you feel full and lose weight. And eating more fiber could help reduce inflammation.

Eat more fish, especially oily fish like salmon and tuna.

Eat plant proteins like beans, soybeans, and nuts.

Opt for vegetable oils, like olive oil, in place of butter.

If you want to try changing your diet, choose one food at a time. This will help you better understand which one is affecting your arthritis one way or the other. For example, don’t eliminate gluten and peppers at the same time.

There is no single regimen for fully managing arthritis pain and stiffness. But, eating a variety of healthy foods can improve your health and your joint symptoms in the long run.

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