If you want heartburn relief fast, the cure might just be in your kitchen cupboard.

Here are some effective methods that can help you quickly relieve or even avoid suffering from heartburn.

1) Organic apple cider vinegar:

Acid reflux is caused by a lack of acidity in the stomach, which is why apple cider vinegar can help prevent it. It is enough to drink a tablespoon of it, diluted in a glass of water, to increase the acidity in your stomach.

2) Baking soda:

Although it is not recommended to consume it on a regular basis, baking soda can be effective if your heartburn is very painful. Simply melt half to a teaspoon of baking soda in 25 cl of water, and drink the mixture. This will neutralize stomach acid and relieve the burning sensation.

3) Aloe vera juice:

Drinking half a cup of aloe vera juice before meals can relieve heartburn because it helps reduce inflammation. There is a laxative component in aloe vera juice, however, so be sure to choose a brand that has this effect removed.

4) Fresh ginger tea:

If you know you’re going to have a big meal, drinking a cup of ginger tea at least 20 minutes before you start eating can help. All you need to do is steep two or three slices of ginger root in two cups of boiling water for half an hour. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and has a gastro-protective action that eliminates the H. pylori bacteria. It also contracts the lower esophageal sphincter, which helps prevent acid build-up.

Herbs and foods that relieve heartburn

Other foods and plants can also prevent acid reflux and relieve heartburn. Here are some examples:

1) Fennel: This crunchy vegetable with a light anise flavor can help improve stomach function, making it an ideal vegetable for people with gastric reflux. Add it to your salads, or enjoy it raw, as a snack.

2) Papaya: Papain, which is an enzyme, can help break down carbohydrates and proteins, promoting digestion.

3) Pineapple: the bromelain present in pineapples acts as a proteolytic enzyme and has anti-inflammatory properties. A bromelain supplement can also be an effective alternative.

4) Fermented foods, especially vegetables: fermented vegetables make it possible to reseed the intestines with good bacteria and to balance the intestinal flora, they promote digestion and naturally eliminate the Helicobacter bacteria. A good quality probiotic supplement is also a good option.

5) Licorice root: licorice can provide benefits because it has the ability to block inflammatory prostaglandins. Use it with caution, however, as it contains glycyrrhizin, an active metabolite. In excessive amounts, glycyrrhizin can cause hyperaldosteronism, a condition that affects the adrenal glands, causing symptoms such as high blood pressure, numbness, and muscle weakness. You can alternatively try deglycyrrhizinated licorice, the problematic ingredient of which has been removed.

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