“Everything has changed a lot since 2008, we are progressing and getting closer and closer to what we should have had for a long time”


The player of the Spanish handball team Carmen Martín highlights the “spirit, enthusiasm and claw” that characterizes the team just a few days before the start of the World Cup in Spain, ensuring that whoever comes to the national team is because they still have “hungry to win”, and also celebrates that this sport is “progressing and getting closer and closer to what it should have had for a long time.”

“If you are not hungry to win, you do not come to the national team. Here everyone comes with their mind set on doing their best, to give everything, to empty yourself and leave their soul on the track,” Carmen Martín said firmly in a interview with Europa Press.

On December 1, the Women’s Handball World Cup begins, which will be played in four Spanish venues: Granollers, Lliria, Castellón and Torrevieja. And it is that celebrating this championship in Spain does not generate pressure in the selection, but “quite the opposite”.

“We are super motivated because the World Cup is in Spain and to have the opportunity to have all the support of our people and fans, in Catalonia and the Valencian Community, well-chosen places to have fans. It is not pressure, it is quite the opposite, you have to enjoy and have a good time, that’s how things turn out better, “said the Almeria woman who does not dare to say if they are among the favorites because” the level is very close “in a date for which she asks” to be very concentrated every day ” .

To face the challenges of a World Cup, Carmen Martín, silver in the 2008 and 2014 Europeans and bronze in the 2011 World Cup and the 2012 Games, and that she missed the 2019 World Cup silver due to injury, explained what the points are strong of this selection. “The spirit, the illusion that there is and that on a defensive level we are a team that can give the tabarra to anyone. We always have to start from that line,” insisted the winger.

“The group now is very different. Before we had more mature people, with more kilometers. Now we have very young people, within a cycle change, with people from that generation who are still close to the team. The girls have the opportunity to watch them and say: ‘I want to be like that, I want to get to the same thing,’ “she said about the evolution of the group since she, at 17, made her international debut.


Carmen Martín is the only surviving player summoned to win the historic silver in the 2008 Macedonian European Championship, so she has experienced a process that produces “happiness”. “Before we did not have all the resources that we have now, we did not have all the attention of the media,” he stressed.

“Everything has changed a lot, practically nobody knew that we were runners-up in Europe, a historical fact for the Federation. I see with happiness that we are progressing and we are getting closer and closer to what we should have had for a long time,” he celebrated, affirming with confidence that “there are ‘Warriors’ for a while”.

The one from Roquetas de Mar believes that the cycle that started from that success, “with the vast majority of the ‘Guerreras’ generation” was “fantastic” because they had “medal options in all the championships.”

“Some time ago we had to make a lot of change, many people who are retiring or do not want to come back. In the end, that change requires replacements, which can be adapted better or worse, there are many things that involve the things we do here I, with Marta Mangué, shot 20,000 times on goal and today we shoot less because we have a different style of play, “recalled the Andalusian.

Now, in a new challenge with the national team, they hope to make up for their performances at the Tokyo Games and the last European Championship. “I really want us to come all with the fighting character and the claw that represents us, to be able to give everything. I am sure that if the team has a good vibes and works well, as we are doing, we will have opportunities for many things “, he expressed.

“Mentally it is always a problem when you fail to achieve the objectives that have been set for you, it is difficult, but we are in a different moment than Tokyo and the European, now is another World Cup, a new opportunity to continue working and have a new illusion of ‘you can’ “, remarked Martín.


On the other hand, he did not want to enter to assess the decision to change the coach just three months before the World Cup with the departure of Carlos Viver and the arrival of his second, José Ignacio Prades. “I cannot say if it was what the national team needed. They are decisions that go to other sectors, we do not participate in them, we come to play and one person or another sends us. The people on the board are the ones who can give an explanation,” he claimed.

“Now we do more selective training in terms of positions and zones, before we did it in a more generalized way within the field. More or less it is the same, in the end handball is already invented, you are not going to get completely different things,” he replied about the new coach’s way of training.

Martín also did not value absences from the list such as Nerea Pena’s and made it clear what his role in the team is. “The one who formalizes the list is the coach. From there, we have to work in the best direction and with all possible predisposition,” he acknowledged.

Despite her 33 years, Carmen Martín is experiencing a physical “good moment” and hopes to “continue giving a lot to the team”. “We have only had two and a half trainings on the track, but we can already see striking quality details, that things are going well and we are walking in a good sense,” he said before facing the International Handball Tournament of Spain that will allow us to see ” where is the team level. “


The next World Cup to be held in Spain is his closest challenge and Martín hopes it will not be his last major tournament with the national team. “That I do not know, I do not decide. I have not considered it yet, I am very happy, I feel very proud to be part of another World Cup. I just want to do the best possible for the group and for me,” he confessed.

“Your way of playing changes according to your pain. When I was 17 I had no pain, but the kilometers cause injuries, things hurt. It is not easy, but you have to adapt, you have no choice if you want to do what you like. “, sentenced the extreme.

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