When Jérémstar talks about Eleanore, Charles sees red. Forced to insure for 2, he tells the horrible attitude of the mother with her child.

Charles still traumatized!

It has been four years since the princess was born. When he heard the news, Charles was overjoyed. Since the time he was waiting for this moment. Since childhood, he dreams of starting a family. Even though that might thwart the filming of the shows, he decides to make this baby his top priority. Only here, at birth, nothing will go as planned. When he understands the worst, he must face the facts. Forced to shelter the little one, he has no other objective of protecting her from her toxic mother. With our colleague Jérémstar, he finds comfort as well as an attentive ear. Dear faithful ofObjeko, what you are about to read will shock you. Buckle up, we are entering an area of ​​turbulence. Here we go, follow the guide!

Never without his daughter

First, Charles decides to go back on his meeting with Sarah. At the time, he knew nothing about his addiction problems. As he makes the list, he realizes that he has come close to disaster on numerous occasions. ” She was taking drugs, alcohol. “ As for her job, she was careful not to confess to him. With his words, he will tell us the truth in his simplest device. ” She was a woman of joy, namely an escort girl. ” Alas, already in love when he discovers the pot aux roses, he chooses to get her out of this gear. In short, either she leaves this unhealthy universe, or she stays with it. But she cannot have it both ways. Very quickly, she moves away from this hell and hopes to rebuild herself alongside her prince charming. In the early hours of 2017, she became pregnant. The hero of the Ch’ti believes it hard as iron. With her, it’s serious!

Everything will fall apart when he finds out he’s not this child’s daddy. In fact, the young woman never really stopped her professional activities. Worse, Eleanore would never know the identity of her father since it is a client of Sarah. Moreover, the latter clears herself of all responsibilities towards her princess. She goes back to “His life before” and all that it contains in excess. When she sees it, she doesn’t take care of it. Worse, she creates neuroses for him by taking him ” in people who drank alcohol. ” In her childhood memories, the little one recounts having met her mother under the influence of prohibited substances. It is a life-size tragedy.

A shattering statement

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Charles will continue the chilling anecdotes. For example, that day when he was at the beach in the late afternoon. ” I hear screaming, but I don’t calculate. “ Frightened, Eleanore arrives and tells her “Dad, there is mum, she has a bottle in her hand. It’s wine I think. ” He must face the facts. She is anything but weaned. The tears flow. From the depths of her innocence as a little girl, she would like to help him. First of all, let us specify that this is a really complicated situation for an adult. Consequently, one can even imagine the psychological consequences for Eleanore!

Today she lives with Charles. Even if he officially recognized it, the adoption project is not yet on the table. Everything in its time. Also, instead of telling us the hell of the courts, Charles just tells us that ” It’s very hard. There was a judgment, I won. The setting was not healthy ”. On the one hand, he is very angry with his former sweetheart for having knocked out everything in his path. On the other hand, he wishes more than anything to offer a balance to Eléanore. With tears in his eyes, this strong-willed and courageous father is convinced that his ” ex-girlfriend really loves her daughter, I know that. But this is not the priority of his life. “ So even though she doesn’t have his eyes or his blood, the four-year-old flea knows she can count on him. Benevolent and attentive, he will do everything in his power to comfort her and transmit her values. What a great mentality! We love ! We look forward to seeing you at the next issue ofObjection and see you soon for new adventures!

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